Subject selection for Year 11, 2025

Welcome to the Newman College Subject Selection Handbook for Year 11, 2025. The menu above will provide students and families with information about the available subjects for Year 10 students as they progress into Year 11.

Please see below for additional information that may assist students and families in making their subject selections for Year 11, 2025.

Timeline for Year 11, 2025 Subject Selection

Term 1, Week 3:
Year 10 students and families provided with prerequisites for Year 11, 2025.

Term 2, Week 2:
Year 10 students receive their Subject Selection Research Booklets, and the Senior School Pathways Information Booklet for 2025.

Term 2, Week 8-9:
Year 10 Semester 1 Examinations.

Term 2, Week 10:
Tuesday 18 June, 5.00pm:
Newman College Careers Expo
Tuesday 18 June, 6.00pm: Year 10 Parent / Student Information Evening.

Term 2, Week 11:
Year 10 Semester 1 reports available to students and families. Student eligibility for Year 11 subjects will be based on Year 10 Semester 1 reports.

Students should have their draft Year 11 subject selections completed by this time.

Term 3, Week 1:
Students and parents / guardians will meet individually with College staff to review and approve subject selections for 2025.

When you are ready to book your 15-minute online appointment for subject entry with the mentor teacher, please use the link below:

Parent – Teacher Online Bookings for 15 July 2024

Term 3, Week 5:
Information about enrolling in VET Certificates and Work Experience for 2025 will be provided to Year 10 students and families.