Dance ATAR

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Prerequisite – 60% in Year 10 Dance, or pass audition, 60% in 10 English Core or 50% in 10 English Extension.

Dance ATAR offers the opportunity to create, collaborate, and extend any pre-existing dance skills and performance techniques to a new level.

There is a strong focus on the significance of the relationship between the two sides of dance: practical and theoretical. This allows students to be able to not only create movement, but to comment and reflect upon a deeper meaning. The rich culture and history of Dance is explored through a variety of different ways. Improvisation, group work and individual solo’s are used to discover and appreciate choreographic intent. Through this course, students explore technical aspects of performance such as costume, set design, music and lighting to further extend their ability to respond to an idea, a stimulus or a choreographer’s intent

Click here to view the SCSA Syllabus for Dance ATAR.

Dance General

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No prerequisite

Dance General is an exciting course with a wide variety of tasks to extend students in all areas of dance.

Students discover the strong relationship between the two side of dance: practical and theoretical. Students understand how to respond to an idea or an intent, and in turn create and collaborate their own ideas. Group work is used to put choreographic devices and elements into practice, with students having the opportunity to extend and pre-existing dance skills to achieve a high level of technique and performance.

Click here to view the SCSA Syllabus for Dance General.

Above: Footage of students creating movement for a stimulus through contemporary dance.