Please contact the staff members below for general queries:

Leader of Pathways and Partnerships
Justin Farley
Tel. 9204 9457

Leader of Wellbeing: Year 10
Sarah Ellam
Tel. 9204 9420

Please contact the staff members below for subject-specific queries (including subject prerequisites):

(Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Music)
Yvonne Wiese
Leader of Learning: Arts
Tel:  9204 9472

English and Literature
Narelle Cochran
Leader of Learning: English and Literature
Tel:  9204 9487

Health and Physical Education
Cameron Tremayne
Leader of Learning: Health and Physical Education
Tel:  9204 9444

Humanities and Social Sciences
Belinda McCagh
Leader of Learning: Humanities
Tel:  9204 9451

Anjuli Duncan
Languages Coordinator
Tel:  9204 9455

Rick Bartlett
Leader of Learning: Mathematics
Tel:  9204 9449

Religious Education
Hels Leahy
Leader of Learning: Religious Education
Tel:  9204 9444

Fiona Hassell
Leader of Learning: Science
Tel:  9204 9462

(Information Technology, Foods, Woodwork, Children Family & Community)
David Nelson
Technology Coordinator
Tel:  9204 9463