Diversity Education: A Life Skills Pathway

ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network)
ASDAN courses are endorsed by the School Curriculum Standards Authority (SCSA). ‘Provider-developed endorsed programs recognise structured learning programs that result in the attainment of a quality-assured certificate or award’ (SCSA Website)

Students who access the Diversity Program undertake programs of work across a range of ASDAN courses. These courses offer an engaging curriculum that is personalised to meet the needs of each participating student.

ASDAN Courses include but are not limited to: New Horizons, Transition Challenge, Key Steps and Towards Independence. Each unit of work is moderated (externally) to ensure standards are maintained and learning outcomes met.

English & Maths
Our functional English and Maths programs underpin the foundation of our curriculum. Students are taught knowledge, skills, and attitudes that they will require throughout their lives to live and work as confidently and independently as possible. Students are given opportunities throughout our programs to practise, refine and develop their skills through a practical, hands-on approach.

Community Access Program
The weekly Community Access Program offers the students opportunity to engage with their local community. Under the care and guidance of the staff, this program assists the students to develop skills, knowledge and understanding across the following areas:

    • Commuting effectively & safely
    • Public transport training
    • Protective behaviours
    • Communicating effectively with others
    • Organisational and problem-solving skills
    • Road safety skills
    • Planning a journey
    • Appropriate social behaviours
    • Money management skills
    • Purchasing items
    • Locating items

Students access the following locations

    • Local Shopping Centre
    • Bank
    • Library
    • Café

Enterprise Program
The Enterprise Program runs several initiatives simultaneously throughout the year. The purpose of this program is to teach the skills and understanding around planning and managing a business.

Western Suburbs Newspaper Delivery
Select students fold, pack and deliver the Western Suburbs Newspaper within the local community on a weekly basis.

Students participate in creating, designing, decorating and packaging occasional cards, gift tags/bags, bookmarks for sale within the local community.

Cheese Boards
In collaboration with the Materials Design Technology staff, the students are given the opportunity to design and make cheese boards to sell within the local community.

Independent Living
Across the week students participate in activities that will educate them on the processes involved in living independently. Organisation, planning and problem solving are skills integrated and developed throughout this program. Students engage in life skills training carrying out a variety of practical tasks such as those listed below

    • Shopping
    • Cooking
    • Cleaning
    • Personal Care

Music Program
Throughout the week the students are involved with music. The classroom program endeavours to offer the students the opportunity to engage with pop culture and experience music in general. Students can be seen most days, singing, dancing, creating and playing percussion to all types of music. Each session has an element of mindfulness and meditation, encouraging an inner peace to enhance wellbeing. Once a week the students participate in the Music Rocks program under the direction of Dean Blanchard (Founder) and his ensemble directors. This program enables the students to work as a team, play instruments and perform confidently as a band on stage in a public arena (if they so choose).

Preliminary Units
‘Preliminary courses provide opportunities for practical and well-supported learning. They acknowledge the broad range of abilities of students with diverse learning needs and the need for adapted approaches to teaching and learning’ (SCSA Website)

Preliminary Units for Years 11 & 12 include:

    • Religion & Life
    • Visual Arts
    • Materials Design & Technology (wood)
    • Food Science & Technology
    • Health and PE Studies


Social & Emotional Wellbeing
Student safety and wellbeing features predominantly throughout our program. We aim to educate students in developing meaningful relationships and fulfilling friendships. Students learn social cues, emotional/self-regulation, maintaining safety within society including an understanding of protective behaviours, road and household safety. Leisure activities for wellbeing, recreation and social development feature as part of our program.

Work Experience
The students undertake employment training in a variety of work placements from Year 10 to develop skills required by the workforce. Together, parents, staff and students (where possible) discuss employment options taking into consideration student strengths, abilities and needs. The students initially complete a half day placement which gradually increases over time. Work experience hours are increased during Years 11 & 12 to prepare the students for future employment.

Throughout the year the students participate in sporting activities where they have the opportunity to socialise and compete with students from other schools. Over the years the students have developed friendships that continue after school.

NAS Sport
The students have the opportunity to participate in the NAS No Limits Sporting Program. Students participate in scheduled basketball and soccer games throughout the year.

The program offers participants the opportunity to develop skills in strength, mobility, flexibility, coordination and communication all whilst having FUN!

For more information on Diversity please call Allison McCartan on 9204 9466.