EDGE Program

Year 11 EDGE

Year 11 (and 12) EDGE is a specialised program for those students in need of additional academic or pastoral support. Students may be invited to participate in the EDGE Program based on:

    • Their OLNA and/or NAPLAN results indicating a requirement for additional academic support; or
    • A recommendation from the relevant Leader of Wellbeing

The structure of the EDGE Program changes from year to year to suit the needs of the particular student group. In general, the course content is centred around six core competencies:

    1.  Knowing yourself
    2.  The world outside school
    3.  Work skills and competencies
    4.  Literacy and numeracy
    5.  Taking initiative
    6.  Service to others

Enquiries about the EDGE Program can be directed to:

Mr Justin Farley
Leader of Pathways and Partnerships