For further details about English and Literature, please contact:

Narelle Cochran
Leader of Learning: English and Literature
Tel:  9204 9487


The English pathways at Newman College focus on strengthening skills in language, literature and literacy for all students. Each of the three possible pathways are thoughtfully designed to ensure students are challenged by relevant texts and are pushed to create their best work in all tasks and assessments. The expectations of students are high in each course and they are required to collaborate with their teachers and peers as a fundamental part of their learning and classroom experience. Newman College currently offers three English pathways:

    1. The General Pathway: An ideal course for students who are considering TAFE, entering the workforce or are seeking alternate entry to university, the General Course is rigorous and focuses on building the necessary skills for written and verbal communication in a range of contexts. Students are required to engage with a range of complex and thoughtful texts which reflect our world, diverse cultures and the workplace. There are no formal examinations in the General English course, but students in Year Twelve are required to sit an Externally Set Task as mandated by SCSA.

      Adjunct to the General pathway, some students may be eligible to complete the Foundation English course where literacy and communication skills reflect those necessary for community interaction and everyday personal contexts. Completion of this course can also lead to workplace opportunities and entry to TAFE.

    1. The ATAR English Pathway: For students who are considering direct entry to university, ATAR English offers an ideal pathway. This course immerses students in processes of creating, responding to, and composing texts. Students are required to engage with texts and contexts while refining their skills of comparison and complex analytical essay writing. There are examinations attached to both the Year Eleven and Year Twelve ATAR English course.
    1. The ATAR Literature Pathway: Students who have a passion for literary analysis are well suited to the Literature pathway. This course centres around an appreciation for the classics in poetry, prose and drama. Students are required to engage with texts created at varying points in history to recognise, appreciate or challenge the culture and ideologies found within them. Students who select this pathway generally present with advanced skills in Year Ten or have completed the Year 10 Extension English course. This pathway can also contribute to a student’s ATAR and their pathway to university. Newman College was recognised as being one of the top-ranking CEWA schools for Literature in 2019.