Integrated Science General

Integrated Science GENERAL

List: B
Prerequisite: None

Studying the Year 11 Integrated Science GENERAL course provides students with a suite of skills and understandings that are valuable to a wide range of careers and further study pathways, including those in Nursing, Medical Science, Biotechnology, Forensic Science and Sports Science. Additionally, the course provides valuable opportunity to develop the STEM skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and data interpretation, which are highly desirable attributes for entry into the workforce of the 21st century.

During Semester 1 (Unit 1), Year 11 students will study Human Biology and Biotechnology, with a focus on topics such as anatomy and human body systems such as the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. It is intended that students will explore practical applications of biotechnology related to health and medical science.

During Semester 2 (Unit 2), Year 11 students will study a wide range of applications in the field of Forensic Science. Students will investigate scenarios through the application of scientific principles and techniques to matters of criminal justice, especially as relating to the collection, examination, and analysis of physical evidence.

The Integrated Science GENERAL course continues in Year 12, where students will have the opportunity to study Aquatic Ecology during Semester 1 (Unit 3) and Road Science during Semester 2 (Unit 4).

These contexts serve aim to integrate all areas of science to assist in the delivery of the key concepts, through an emphasis on practical experiences which engage students with local real-life application and relevance to the student’s everyday life.