Italian: Second Language ATAR

Prerequisite: 60% in Y10 Italian

List: A
Italian language learning at Newman College allows students to explore in depth a rich and historic culture that holds close ties to Perth and Fremantle.

Students participate in daily classroom interactions that encourages them to build effective communication skills and open their minds to discovering a foreign culture that may be quite different to their own.  Students engage with a variety of exciting cultural activities during Languages Week that celebrate an ever-expanding and multicultural world.

This course gives students the ability to confidently communicate in a different language which proves a useful lifelong skill for travel, social and professional interactions and is also appealing for prospective employers.  Year 12 Italian: Second Language students are eligible to receive a 10% incentive bonus towards their ATAR calculation.

In recent years, students in Years 10 and 11 have successfully undertaken the Newman College and WAATI Italian Study Tour programs, which intend to resume at the ease of COVID-19 restrictions.  The immersion program offer students the chance to live with the Italian locals and experience the daily life and culture.

Italian language learning is an invaluable opportunity for Newman College students to embrace their interest in culture and to collaborate with their peers in an engaging environment.

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