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Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to Study a Mathematics Course in Year 11 and Year 12 ?
Whilst studying Mathematics is not compulsory it is highly desirable to do so as many TAFE and University courses have Mathematics as a pre-requisite or desirable course. Likewise, many employers will want to see some competence in Mathematics. Many apprenticeships have Mathematics in their study component.

Students who have not pre-qualified for numeracy competency (Band 8 Naplan) must engage in a Mathematics course to support their attainment of the OLNA.

What Mathematics courses are offered and which ones provide me with an ATAR score?
Mathematics Applications (ATAR)
Mathematics Methods (ATAR)
Mathematics Specialist (ATAR)
Mathematics Essential (General)
Mathematics Foundation

How do the new Australian Mathematics Courses align in difficulty with past courses?
The content of the new Mathematics courses is different to past courses, however generally speaking the difficulty of each course aligns roughly as below:

New Australian Course Old Courses of Study Pre 2008 Courses
Mathematics Essentials MAT 1BC, MAT 1DE, MAT 2AB Maths in Practice
Maths Modelling
Mathematics Applications MAT 2AB, MAT 2CD, MAT 3AB Foundations of Maths


Discrete Maths

Mathematics Methods MAT 3AB, MAT 3CD Introductory Calculus, Applicable Mathematics, Calculus
Mathematics Specialist MAS 3AB, MAS 3CD Geometry & Trigonometry



How is the pre-requisite set ?
The pre-requisite is set by considering the level of mathematics required to successfully complete BOTH the Year 11 and Year 12 Mathematics pathway. There is a substantial jump in difficulty when moving from a Year 11 Mathematics course to its Year 12 Mathematics course. To be successful in the Year 12 course it is desirable to be proficient (60% plus) in the Year 11 course, however the pre-requisite is only a passing grade.

Can I repeat a Mathematics Course?
It is no longer possible to repeat a Mathematics course as the units in Year 11 are different to those in Year 12.

What if I don’t pass my Yr 11 Mathematics Course?
If you do not pass Mathematics Essentials in Year 11 you may not be able to select it in Year 12.

If you do not pass Mathematics Applications in Year 11 you can drop to Year 12 Mathematics Essentials.

If you do not pass Mathematics Methods in Year 11 you can drop to Year 12 Mathematics Applications.

If you do not pass Mathematics Specialist in Year 11 you will need to pick up a new course in Year 12.

How is each Mathematics Course Scaled for the ATAR?
Our best estimate, based on scaling of the ATAR courses at the end of 2016 (the first year the courses were sat in Year 12) would be:

Mathematics Applications students would lose about 8%
Mathematics Methods students would gain about 0 – 5%
Mathematics Specialist students would gain about 0 – 5%

However, it does depend where you fall on the distribution of marks, for example someone doing Mathematics Methods and scoring 80% will see little change, whereas someone scoring 50% may gain 10%. Likewise someone doing Mathematics Applications and scoring 80% most likely will end up with about 70 % but someone scoring 50% may end up with a scaled score of about 45 %.

In addition to this, students who do Mathematics Methods and/or Specialist will each receive an extra 10% of their scaled subject mark before the final ATAR is calculated.

Can I study more than one Mathematics course in a year?
Some students will do both Mathematics Methods and Mathematics Specialist

Can I study Mathematics Specialist only?
No.  You must study Mathematics Methods concurrently with Mathematics Specialist.

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