Media Production and Analysis

Media Production and Analysis General

The Media Production and Analysis General courses aim to prepare all students for a future in a digital and interconnected world by providing the skills, knowledge and understandings to tell their own stories and interpret others’ stories. Through the consumption of global media work, awareness of global issues creates a collective consciousness and sense of responsibility, giving rise to the notion of audiences also being global citizens. Through the process of investigation, students engage with topics, issues and themes, which have global and local relevance, and artistic movements and styles which, in turn, create new notions of media aesthetics. The production of media work enables students to demonstrate their understanding of the key concepts of media languages, representation, audience, production, skills and processes as well as express their creativity and originality. When producing media work, students learn to make decisions about all aspects of production, including creative choices across pre‐production, production and post‐production phases. This provides an opportunity for students to reflect on and discuss their own creative work, intentions and outcomes. Within this process, skills are developed enabling students to manipulate technologies which simulate industry experiences.

Year 11 General Course

Unit 1 – Mass Media
The focus for this unit is on the mass media. Within this broad focus, students reflect on their own use of the media, common representations, including the examination of characters, stars and stereotypes, and the way media is constructed and produced.

Students are introduced to the languages of the media, learning how codes and conventions are used to construct representations within narratives. They examine the media that surrounds them and consider how audiences interpret media representations of people and their associated values. Students analyse, view, listen to and interact with common media work from their everyday use. Students in this unit will study stars, heroes and ‘blockbuster’ films. They also generate ideas and, with the assistance of their teachers, learn the basic production skills and processes as they apply their knowledge and creativity in their productions.

Unit 2 – Point of View
The focus for this unit is on point of view, a concept that underpins the construction of all media work. In this unit, students will be introduced to the concept and learn how a point of view can be constructed. They will analyse media work and construct a point of view in their own productions. In contexts related to point of view, students analyse, view, listen to and interact with media work in commercial and non‐commercial media. Students in this unit will study a range of media forms including current news stories, photographic sequences and wiki sites such as blogs. They learn about production processes and some of the controls that influence decision-making in media production. Students develop strategies and production skills when creating their own media work.


  •  Production 70%
    Students have a school-based assessment requirement through Production.
  • Response 30%
    Students have a school-based assessment requirement through Response.