Outdoor Education ATAR

List: B

Pre-requisite: 50% in 10 English Extension or 55% in 10 English Core 1 or 60% in 10 English Core 2

Through interaction with the natural world, the Outdoor Education ATAR course aims for students to develop an understanding of their relationships with the environment, others and themselves, and ultimately contribute towards a sustainable world.

The integrated approach within this course allows for practical activities, theoretical concepts, and relationships with the environment to be incorporated into a meaningful program of learning. It provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life and physical activity skills, to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment and develop a positive relationship with nature.

The course aims to develop self-awareness and leadership through opportunities to plan for, and facilitate, outdoor experiences.  Students studying Outdoor Education apply their knowledge on two extended expeditions each year.

The course will prepare students for career and employment pathways in areas such as Outdoor Leadership, Environmental Interpretation, Environmental Planning, Facilities Management, Eco-Tourism, Military Service, Outdoor Education, and the many unforeseen areas evolving in the outdoors industry.


50% in 10 English Extension or 55% in 10 English Core 1 or 60% in 10 English Core 2

If you did not study Outdoor Education in Year 10, speak with the Leader of Learning Health and Physical Education regarding entry into the Course.

Click here to view the SCSA Syllabus for Outdoor Education ATAR.