Outdoor Education General

List: B

Pre-requisite: Ability to swim 200m in under 6 minutes and tread water for 15 minutes and ability to run 100m, swim 100m, and run 100m, all in under 5 minutes.

Through interaction with the natural world, Outdoor Education General aims to develop a student’s understanding of relationship with the environment, others and themselves. This course focuses on outdoor activities in a range of environments, including surfing and mountain bike riding.

It provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life and physical activity skills, and an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment and develop a positive relationship with nature.

The course also provides students with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to pursue personal interests and careers in various Outdoor Pursuits, Environmental Management, or Eco-Tourism.

Students studying Outdoor Education apply their knowledge on two extended expeditions each year.

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