Physical Education Studies ATAR

Study of the Physical Education Studies ATAR course contributes to the development of the whole person. It promotes the physical, social and emotional growth of students. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on understanding and improving performance in physical activities. The integration of theory and practice is central to studies in this course.

Students studying Physical Education explore anatomical and biomechanical concepts, the body’s responses to physical activity and stress management processes to improve their own performance and that of others in physical activity. Students will study the complex interrelationships between motor learning and psychological, biomechanical and physiological factors that influence individual and team performance. Students engage as performers, leaders, coaches, analysts and planners of physical activity.

Physical activity serves both as a source of content and data and as a medium for learning.

Learning in the Physical Education Studies ATAR course cannot be separated from active participation in physical activities, and involves students in closely integrated written, oral and physical learning experiences, based upon the study of selected physical activities.

Practical contexts include Volleyball, Touch Football and Basketball. Students also spend time developing their practical skills and abilities in a selected sport in Year 12.

The course prepares students for a variety of post-school pathways, including careers as a personal trainer, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, PE teacher, sport scientist, sport development officer, coach, professional athlete, sports commentator, sport journalist, sports management, chiropractor, police, ambulance officer, firefighter, nutritionist/dietician, army officer.


50% in 10 English Extension or
55% in 10 English Core 1 or
60% in 10 English Core 2
50% in 10 Science Extension / 60% in 10 Science Core