Religious Education

Religion and Life

Religious Education and the values of the Catholic Church and the Marist ethos inform the attitudes and behaviours of staff, children and families. The Religious Education curriculum and opportunities for faith expression are essential components of daily life at Newman College.

There are nine Learning Areas in the curriculum of Catholic schools in Western Australian. The first is Religious Education.

[61/62: Mandate of the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia 2009 – 2015.]

Religious Education

    • reflects the same systematic demands and rigour as all other Learning Areas
    • complements Catechesis offered in family, school and parish communities.
    • relates Catholic beliefs and practices to the questions, sensibilities and issues of students. • encourages students to search for deeper understanding and meaning in the topics studied.
    • aims to help students develop into the integrated persons God intends, including as individuals who have learned to ‘serve and be responsible for others’.

Course Overview

Religion and Life explores the interplay between religion, society and individuals. It examines the nature of religion and how it offers individuals and their communities an understanding of the world around them. As students develop the knowledge, understanding, values and skills of this course, they understand ways to interact and communicate with people about the diversity of religious beliefs and practices. Through Religion and Life, students learn why and how religions respond to human experiences such as injustice and suffering. They learn skills that will enable them as Australian and global citizens to critique situations of this kind and the responses made by religions.

At Newman College, the course is taught in the context of the Catholic faith, emphasising core beliefs and practices.

For further information regarding Religious Education courses, please contact:

Helen Leahy
Leader of Learning: Religious Education
Tel:  9204 9444