Religion and Life ATAR

Religion and Life ATAR

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Prerequisites -75% in 10 Religious Education Core or 65% in 10 Religious Education Extension


The Religion and Life ATAR course provides students with opportunities to learn about religion and the interplay that occurs between religion, societies and people. Students develop an informed and critical understanding of this interplay by drawing from a detailed knowledge of Catholicism, a denomination of the Christian Religion.

Every religion offers a system of beliefs and practices. In the Religion and Life ATAR course, students explore and investigate the characteristics of the Christian Catholic religion; its origins, foundations, social influence and development over time. Students analyse the role religion has played in society and understand the challenges and opportunities religions face.

Students employ research and learning skills that enable them to use a range of primary and secondary sources to investigate the interplay between religion and life.

Assessment requirements
Students are required to complete four to five assessment tasks per semester focusing on explanation, investigation and source analysis. Students also sit an examination each semester.

Student Testimonials:
“It is the one subject that helps me in my study, adding to and complementing my other subjects like history, psychology, CFC and English.”  – Y12 ATAR Student

“I really enjoy the topics we cover and the perspective we get to explore. Religion and life shines a new light on the way I think about some things.”  – Y11 ATAR Student

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