Biology ATAR

Biology ATAR

List: B

Pre-requisite: 60% in 10 Science Core or 50% in 10 Science Extension

Biology is the study of the fascinating diversity of life as it has evolved and as it interacts and functions.

Studying this course will provide students with a suite of skills and understandings that are valuable to a wide range of further study pathways and careers. Understanding of biological concepts, as well as general science knowledge and skills, is relevant to a range of careers, including those in Medical, Veterinary, Food and Marine Sciences, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Environmental Rehabilitation, Biosecurity, Quarantine, Conservation and EcoTourism. This course will also provide a foundation for students to critically consider and to make informed decisions about contemporary biological issues in their everyday lives.

Australian, regional and global communities rely on the Biological Sciences to understand, address and successfully manage environmental, health and sustainability challenges facing society in the 21st century. These include the biosecurity and resilience of ecosystems, the health and well-being of organisms and their populations, and the sustainability of biological resources.

This course explores ways in which scientists work collaboratively and individually in a range of integrated fields to increase understanding of an ever-expanding body of biological knowledge. Students develop their investigative, analytical and communication skills through field, laboratory and research investigations of living systems and through critical evaluation of the development, ethics, applications and influences of contemporary biological knowledge in a range of contexts.

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