Chemistry ATAR

Chemistry ATAR

List: B

Pre-requisite: 70% in 10 Science Core or 60% in 10 Science Extension

Studying the Chemistry ATAR course provides students with a suite of skills and understandings that are valuable to a wide range of further study pathways and careers, including those in Forensic Science, Environmental Science, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Sports Science. Additionally, Chemistry knowledge is valuable in occupations that rely on an understanding of materials and their interactions, such as Nanotechnology, Art, Winemaking, Agriculture and Food Technology.

The Chemistry ATAR course develops students’ understanding of the key chemical concepts and models of structure, bonding, and chemical change, including the role of chemical, electrical and thermal energy. Students learn how models of structure and bonding enable Chemists to predict properties and reactions and to adapt these for particular purposes.

Chemists can use an understanding of chemical structures and processes to adapt, control and manipulate systems to meet particular economic, environmental and social needs. This includes addressing the global challenges of climate change and security of water, food and energy supplies, and designing processes to maximise the efficient use of Earth’s finite resources.

Thinking in Chemistry involves using differing scales, including macro, micro and nano-scales; using specialised representations such as chemical symbols and equations; and being creative when designing new materials or models of chemical systems.

Students explore key concepts and models through active practical inquiry into phenomena and through contexts that exemplify the role of Chemistry and Chemists in society. Students design and conduct qualitative and quantitative investigations both individually and collaboratively.

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