Earth and Environmental Science ATAR

Earth and Environmental Science ATAR

List: B

Pre-requisite: 60% in 10 Science Core or 50% in 10 Science Extension

The course builds on the content in all Science sub strands of the Year 7–10 Australian Curriculum for Science. In particular, the course provides students with opportunities to explore the theories and evidence that frame our understanding of Earth’s origins and history, and the dynamic and interdependent nature of Earth’s processes, environments and resources.

In this course, the term ‘environment’ encompasses terrestrial, marine and atmospheric settings and includes Earth’s interior. Earth and environmental scientists strive to understand past and present processes so that reliable and scientifically-defensible predictions can be made about the future.

This course, emphasizes the importance of applying an understanding geological principles to aid the interpretation of rock and mineral samples, Earth structures and the formation of mineral deposits. Therefore, practical laboratory exercises and fieldwork form a necessary and valuable aspect of the learning experience, where students are encouraged to observe real settings, scenarios and samples. The course also strives to explore a wide range of biological and ecological concepts, in the context of environmental change both past and present.

In the Earth and Environmental Science ATAR course, students develop their investigative, analytical and communication skills allowing them to engage in public debate, solve problems and make evidence based decisions about contemporary issues, such as land rehabilitation and climate change.

The course provides students with a range of skills and understandings that are valuable to a wide range of further study pathways and careers, including Geology, Mining, Engineering, Land and Marine Management.