Human Biology General

Human Biology General

List: B

Pre-requisite: None

The Human Biology general course gives students a chance to explore how the human body works, with a focus on bones, muscles, nerves and hormones, and how they maintain the body to act in a coordinated manner. The causes and spread of diseases and how humans respond to invading pathogens are studied, as well as the role of males and females in the process of reproduction.

Studying the Year 11 Human Biology General course provides students with a suite of skills and understandings that are valuable to wide range of careers and further study pathways, including those in social work, medical and paramedical fields, food and hospitality, childcare, sport, science and health education. Students develop their understanding of scientific knowledge and learn to think critically, evaluate evidence, solve problems and communicate understandings in scientific ways. These STEM skills are highly desirable attributes for entry into the workforce of the 21st century.

During Semester 1 (Unit 1), Year 11 students will explore how the human body systems are interrelated to sustain life, before moving on to Semester 2 (Unit 2) where they will explore the role of males and females in the process of reproduction. Should students continue with this course in Year 12, they will then go on to explore the bones, muscles, nerves and hormones (Unit 3) and finally the causes and spread of disease and how the human body responds to this (Unit 4).

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