Physics ATAR

Physics ATAR

List: B

Pre-requisites: 80% in 10 Science Core or 60% in 10 Science Extension and 55% in 10 Maths Extension 1 or 80% in 10 Maths Extension 2

Physics is a fundamental science that endeavours to explain all the natural phenomena that occur in the universe. Its power lies in the use of a comparatively small number of assumptions, models, laws and theories to explain a wide range of phenomena, from the incredibly small to the incredibly large.

Physics has helped to unlock the mysteries of the universe and provides the foundation of understanding upon which modern technologies and all other sciences are based.

The Physics ATAR course uses qualitative and quantitative models and theories based on physical laws to visualise, explain and predict physical phenomena. Models, laws and theories are developed from, and their predictions are tested by, making observations and quantitative measurements. In this course, students gather, analyse and interpret primary and secondary data to investigate a range of phenomena and technologies using some of the most important models, laws and theories of physics, including the kinetic particle model, the atomic model, electromagnetic theory, and the laws of classical mechanics.

Students learn how an understanding of physics is central to the identification of, and solutions to, some of the key issues facing an increasingly globalised society. They consider how Physics contributes to diverse areas in contemporary life, such as engineering, renewable energy generation, communication, development of new materials, transport and vehicle safety, medical science, an understanding of climate change, and the exploration of the universe.

As a science, the subject matter of this course is dealt with through a variety of learning genres including laboratory experiments, research tasks, computer simulations and animations, and model construction. Students are challenged to plan and conduct investigations, which enable ideas to be tested, develop practical skills and promote understanding of concepts.

This course will also provide a foundation in Physics knowledge, understanding and skills for those students who wish to pursue tertiary study in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Technology.

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