Psychology ATAR

Psychology ATAR

List: B

Pre-requisites: 60% in 10 Science Core or 50% in 10 Science Extension

Psychology is the scientific study of how people think, feel and act. It aims to answer important questions such as what factors influence human development. While there are other disciplines that overlap, Psychology’s main aim to understand humans. Psychology is rigorous in its use of scientific method.

This course introduces students to a breadth of knowledge focusing on the psychology of self and others. Psychological knowledge helps us understand factors relating to individuals, such as: cognition (or the way we think); biological bases of behaviour; and personality, the enduring traits that distinguish individuals.

Psychology is very useful, both to individuals assisting us to improve ourselves and our relationships, and to society as a whole. It can be applied to any context in which humans are involved. Through this course, students gain valuable insights and understandings into both themselves and their worlds. Methods of communication studied enhance personal communication skills, both within the field of Psychology and in the context of daily life. Students also develop important research skills as they engage in the exploration and evaluation of data to illustrate how empirical procedures are used to examine phenomena such as intelligence and personality. Accordingly, the course challenges students to undertake case studies, research projects, and critique theories of human thinking and behaviour via discussion, debate or structured essay writing.

Psychological knowledge also helps us understand the way that individuals function in groups and different contexts, and how this is influenced by culture, shaping people’s values, attitudes and beliefs. This course is designed to integrate the understanding of scientific principles, the acquisition of psychological knowledge and the application of both in an enjoyable and contemporary way. The study of Psychology is highly relevant to further studies in the Health professions; Education, Human Resources, Social Sciences, Sales, Media and Marketing and Management.

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